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    connected to Quaker concerns.


    My Life My Faith Series

    Volume 1

    Four Quakers, Oscar Wallis, Roy Millward, Heather Gibbs and Anthony Gimpel, living in contemporary Leicester share their faith journeys. The journeys include an account of life in the Merchant Navy during WWII, what it was like studying in Cambridge in the 1930s, stories of a life-long dedication to teaching, nurturing others and, for all four, an insatiable appetite for spiritual seeking.
    Published in September 2010, ISBN 978-0-9567091-0-3, 76pp, Price £4 (includes p&p).
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    Volume 2

    Comprises interviews with five Leicester Quakers, Judith Sullivan, Alastair Jackson, Alice Beer, James Harbour and Janet Perry, talking about their life and faith journeys. The journeys include working for the producer of Star Wars, providing housing for those most in need, escaping the Nazis by a hair's breadth, jazz drumming on Cunard liners in the 1950s and a life devoted to spiritual seeking.
    Published in May 2011, ISBN 978-0-9567091-1-0, 76pp, Price £4 (includes p & p).

    Volume 3

    Comprises interviews with five more Leicester Quakers, Ian Wright, Carole Sutton, Alison Platts, Ivor Glenton and Shanthi Hettiarachchi, talking about their life and faith. They include the journeys of a man who spent much of his life as a Catholic priest before coming to Quakers, another who was training to become a monk, with a life spent in teaching and local politics, another in the law, and a life dedicated to social work and the way we relate to our children.
    Published in September 2012, ISBN 978-0-9567091-3-4, 68PP, Price £4 (includes p & p)  

    Somalia to Europe: Stories from the Somali Diaspora

    Edited by Jawaahir Daahir, Abyan Cusmaan, Marilyn Ricci and Idil Osman.

    Written in both English and Somali (bound together in a single volume), this important book chronicles the stories of people who had to flee the civil war in Somalia.  Stories of incredible journeys, of resilience, danger and above all, courage from those forced to trek across continents from Africa to the Middle East, to Europe and Scandinavia.  Some have settled in the UK and this book tells the stories of a number of those who now live in Leicester. The book gives the younger generation opportunities to tell about how the war and consequent diaspora has affected them. It also contains a poem by the famous Somali poet, Abdulqadir Hersi Siyad (Yam-Yam), Somali songs, a historical chronology and background material to the conflict and the diaspora.
    One of the aims of this co-published, inter-faith venture, is to help people understand why people make journeys such as these, the factors which force them out of their homes and how they find ways to survive and, indeed eventually, often to thrive.
    ’The individual and often harrowing stories of the women and men who left Somalia provides reading one cannot put down.’  Maureen Milgram Forrest (Founding Chair LeicestHER Day Trust).
    Published in October 2011, ISBN 978-0-9567091-2-7, 272pp, Price £10 (£12 with p & p)
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